SANZAR looking to cash in on Super15

Even though the world economy is in a slump SANZAR have submitted their Super 15 plan to broadcasters hoping for a significant increase in the value of their broadcast deal with News Ltd.

SANZAR (South Africa, New Zealand and Australia) have come up with a new conference based format for Super Rugby in 2011 when they hope to launch the Super 15.

The new tournament will have an additional team that will be based in Australia and will run for 24 weeks and include a six-team finals format, increasing the number of games from 90 to 120.

The new Super 15 tournament is expected to run from the end of February to August in 2011.

The Super 15 could also be shown in Australia on free-to-air television for the first time with Channel 10 believed to be interested in acquiring rights for its new sports channel, Digital One.

The current SANZAR deal is said to be worth $US323 Million dollars for the five year period but a SANZAR source has told the Australian that the South Africans who are currently running SANZAR are expecting an increase of up to 40per cent in revenue as they have increased the number of matches.

“This new competition model will drive a lot of value,” the source said.

“There is a 33 per cent increase in the number of games and significant local content.”

Australian Rugby Union Players Association chief executive Tony Dempsey says that he is confident that the new Super Rugby package would be attractive to broadcasters.

“It’s a great proposal for broadcasters,” Dempsey said.

“There is greater volume and consistency, which allows broadcasters to build viewers.”

SANZAR are expected to announce where in Australia the 15th team will be based for the Super 15 and it appears at this stage that the race will come down to Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Western Sydney team and the Southern Kings from South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

The Southern Kings stand the least chance of getting the licence as they are not in Australia and will have to play in the Australian conference.

SANZAR is expected to provide the bidders with the criteria for expressions of interest within the next two weeks. The bidding will finish in October and a decision on the location of the new team will be made in November.

Melbourne is regarded as the favourite, although the Gold Coast is seen as a dark horse.

Victorian Rugby Union chairman Gary Gray has hinted that the defunct Australian Rugby Championship’s Melbourne Rebels could be revived as a Super 15 team, although he said no decision had yet been made on a name or colours.

“We’ve already got some equity in that brand,” Gray said.

“It’s a positive in Melbourne, it was seen as successful.”

“It fits very well in terms of its values. It’s sort of an underdog, which Melbourne will always be in the Rugby community.”

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