Carter gets record offer from Blues

Former Crusaders number 10 is set top make a move from his old Canterbury home to play for the Auckland Blues in what will be the biggest offer in New Zealand professional rugby history.

Carter will be offered according to reports nearly NZ $400,000 a year which is a record breaking figure.

The Blues had a very disappointing season in 2009 and they plan to buy their way out of a rut as they believe that Carter can mend the damaged franchise.

The Herald on Sunday reports that Carter has all but signed a huge contract offer from the Blues which will see him pair with another returned All Black, Luke McAlister, in the Queen City.

The offer of $400,000 is almost four times as much as most top All Blacks earn on their provincial contracts.

The Auckland rugby component of that is said to be about $250,000, while another $150,000 is thought to be coming from elsewhere, perhaps a private, third-party arrangement.

The Crusaders know all about Carter’s talents but it has been reported that they could only come up with an offer of $200,000.

Given his past and success with the Crusaders he has always cited his ties to Canterbury as the deciding factor and it could still sway him to his former franchise.

“Christchurch is still my home and it is a place closest to my heart,” Carter told the NZ Herald.

“I am living here in Auckland (he has a house in both cities) but Canterbury has given me so much when it comes to rugby.

“It wouldn’t be easy,” he said, asked if it would be hard to leave Canterbury.

“I’m where I am now because of the opportunities they’ve given me.”

This time, however, in addition to a record salary, Carter has other draws to Auckland.

Carter himself was saying little when asked which province or Super Rugby team he would play for.

“I am off contract for Canterbury but I have not thought very much about it while in France,” he said, after he returned from his much-publicised time at Perpignan.

“I haven’t talked to my management team about it yet.”

One thing does however seem certain and that is that Carter will miss the TriNations.

“I pretty much said that (the TriNations ) was too early to play and that there was no way I could go straight into international rugby so I am looking at the Air New Zealand Cup as the first stage and I will take it from there.”

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