Mass suspensions following rugby rumpus

The Disciplinary Commission of the Romanian Rugby Federation (FRR) on Tuesday said it had handed down tough suspensions to players involved in a brawl earlier this month between rivals Farul Constanta and Dinamo Bucharest.

Three of Constanta’s Georgian players were hurt in the brawl which erupted after just six minutes when a Constanta player clashed with one of his opponents with Dinamo leading 3-0.

Several Dinamo players became embroiled in the scuffle and soon fists were flying in all directions with the Georgians at the centre of the fray.

Constanta players had marched off in protest at the violence, prompting the FRR to award league leaders Dinamo the win against their second-placed opponents.

The FRR said on its website it had meted out stiff punishments having “condemned the players for conduct devoid of fair-play.”


The Federation gave six Dinamo players a seven-match ban with another suspended for 10 matches.


Dinamo must also forfeit two home matches following the affray which saw nine players requiring hopital treatment.

The chairman of Farul Constanta received a 12-match ban while two of the club’s Georgian stars must respectively sit out 10 and seven games.












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