Gregan and Larkham in cross-hairs

Former mentor Eddie Jones is directing his Reds charges straight at Brumbies halfbacks George Gregan and Stephen Larkham – the stars whom under his watch helped bag the Super 12 title in 2001.

Jones does not dispute the legendary status of the two players he has also coached at national level, but reckons his young Reds halfbacks, together with the newfound might of his pack might have their number.

“They [Larkham and Gregan] have been outstanding. They’ve won World Cups, they’ve won Tri-Nations, they’ve won Super 14s. They’ve won everything that’s been going around and their influence is still strong on the game,” said Jones.

“But at some stage, that influence has to stop and we’d like to think on Saturday night we can maybe dilute some of their influence on Australian rugby.

“It’s a great challenge for us. I can’t really remember a side really getting to George and to stop the Brumbies you’ve got to get at George.

“He’s a hard man to get under. I’ve seen Byron Kelleher get under his skin but we’re just going to have to exert pressure through the forwards to be able to put pressure on George.”

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