Waugh bemoans illegal scrumming tactics

The Waratahs believe that their in-form Wallabies loose-head prop Benn Robinson (pictured)  is being illegally targeted in the scrum, with opposing breakaways sliding up into the front row to nullify his impact.

The matter flared up during the ‘Tahs 12-6 win over the Stormers at the Sydney Football Stadium on Saturday.

Schalk Burger was warned a number of times by the referee Bryce Lawrence and was penalised for a dangerous infringement.

What the tactic allowed the Stormers to do was the have a four-man front row which put Robinson against two men.

“It effectively turns into a four-man front row. It is not a fair contest,” Waratahs captain Phil Waugh said.

“The referee let him get away with it the first couple of times, but it was good refereeing to (penalise Berger).”

Waugh added that Robinson who has been in good form this Super 14 season has been subjected to the tactic “a fair bit”.

“There have been a number of flankers that have been coming up on ‘Fat Cat’,” Waugh told The Age.

Waratahs coach Chris Hickey added his thoughts on the matter and said: “It’s something we have been experiencing in nearly every game.

“It was good Bryce got on to it. It is illegal.”

Hickey does however believe that the Bulls won’t use the tactic on Saturday as the SFS as “they are a much bigger forward pack. They might not rely on that tactic”.

Waugh said: “They pride themselves (on) forward dominance.”

In one light the sliding tactics could be seen as a back-handed compliment to Robinson but, Waugh said, “he gets very frustrated by it.

“The loose-head is very exposed. It (sliding up) is not a safe action.”

Waugh also said that he was annoyed by the uncontested scrums after Stormers tight-head Brian Mujati left the field.

“There was a contest for 65 minutes, then a bloke limps off and there are uncontested scrums for the last 15 minutes when they need to win the game,” Waugh said.

“We want the contest in that part of the game. It is one of the strengths of our game.”

On another matter Waugh confirmed that Welsh club the Ospreys are among the European clubs interested in securing his services.



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