Simpson-Daniel calls for Gloucester to calm

Gloucester star James Simpson-Daniel has told his team mates not to get carrie away with their victory over last year’s EDF Energy Cup champions the Ospreys pointing out that they have not won any silverware yet.

In the tournament’s first year the Ospreys lost to Leicester Tigers in the final and the following year the same two teams returned for the final but this time the Ospreys beat the Tigers.

This year’s final will not feature either of the former champions after Gloucester whitewashed the Ospreys 17-0 in the Cup Semi final booking Gloucester’s place in the final in the Anglo Welsh Cup.

Gloucester have developed a reputation of being ‘chokers’ after losing several important matches that would have seen them reach plays off in various tournaments.

This past weekend’s result however was a major turning point for the West country team who are trying to prove that they are not ‘big-game bottlers’.

At the start of the season Simpson-Daniel who is nicknamed ‘Sinbad’ admitted that Gloucester could not argue with the label “because all the results show otherwise”.

Simpson-Daniel pointed out that only by ending their run of defeats in big matches they would be able to shake off the chokers tag.

He was particularly proud of a victory which sets up a Twickenham final showdown with Cardiff on April 18 – even though he tore a quad muscle.

“We showed the fight which over the years we have not always shown.” Simpson-Daniel told the Mirror.

“We can’t get carried away with one result – we haven’t won any silverware.”

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