Cape Town a Force(ful) place to be

Friday’s victory for the Force saw the Stormers plummet to new depths, and, notably, more Australians yet again in the spotlight for off-the-field misbehaviour. Our readers weren’t short of words and you have the Write of Reply!

“Firstly I would congratulate them! And then I would get them to do a fitness test! If they fail send them home to party.”
– Adrian

“I saw the players in question at the same nightclub I was at on Friday night. They were as drunk as anybody in the place and I think its fair for them to get as hammered as they want as long as they dont get behind the wheel. They achieved their greatest away win on Friday and thoroughly deserved to go out partying. A player kept hitting on my girlfriend and then decided to buy me drinks when he realised that she was spoken for! They were all in ‘Good – Spirits!’ and were a real fun bunch of blokes to have met.”
– Devon

“Let them enjoy themselves why not?”
– Robbie Maas

“The fact that the players were breathlysed at all indicates to me that they are irresponsible children and now they must be disciplined.

“That means HEAVILY FINED. The time has long sinced past that professional sportsmen must now start acting like responsible professional people. They cannot have it both ways.

“Lets see just how tough the Coaches and their Management are, but do not hold your breath.”
– David Burden

“Nothing. They got a good win, so they went out and got boozed. They are twenty something’s, not ballies. I am surprised it even makes the headlines. If players want to get boozed after a successful game or smoke the off joint like a certain islander, then let em…”
– Chris

“They should be flown to Jo’burg to immediately play the Lions.”
– Quintin

“My team of the week: CJ vd Linde, G Botha, M Taumoepeau, V Matfield, T Flavell, L Messam, J Smith, M Tuiiali, F du Preez, I Nacewa, L Ludik, L McAllister, A Tuituvaki, D Howlett, J Roets.”
– Jean Nortier

“You have all left out Brent Russell. When he was finally brought on Russel was everywhere on the field trying to make something happen …and he did. A few breaks were fantastic but he was alone. THe Stormers were so far down that they gave no support. If Kobus does not start Russel in the next game to allow him time to take control then he should be fired.”
– Bob Sterling

“After Stormer’s pathetic display against Western Force, following a pathetic display against Cheetahs, Kobus van der Merwe should do the honourable thing, resign. His upbeat pre-season talk turns out to have been a load of hot air. Even with some really talented players the Stormers have not progressed, lack cohesion and intensity, have poor discipline, are handicapped by poor selections, and are an amateur team trying to play professional rugby.

“Gio Aplon was clueless at fullback, yet wasn’t replaced – even at half-time, returning to repeat a miserable performance. Meanwhile of experienced fullbacks available Conrad Jantjies was left on the wing and Brent Russell on the bench. Almost immediately Russell replaced Olivier things began to happen, but too late, which raises the question of why he wasn’t on – somewhere – in the first place. Schalk Burger and Luke Watson played well and tried hard, and while Joe van Niekerk did some useful work he is not yet where he once was. Watson is a skillful player with good handling skills, but got poor support. Surely a good coach could get these good loose forwards to compliment each other more on attack?

“The tight five just don’t have it! What a shambles! We’re ‘dead’ against really strong opposition!

“Something is seriously wrong at Stormers, which makes me wonder why Nick Mallet sits on the sidelines allowing this unacceptable mess to grind on until even Newlands diehards have had a gutsful and depart.

“And my harsh comments follow only two games!”
– Rob Porter

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