No done deal on Australia’s 5th team: O’Neill

Australian Rugby boss John O’Neill has attempted to play down the expectation that Australia will secure a fifth Super Rugby  franchise if and when the Super 14 is expanded.

SANZAR South Africa, New Zealand and Australia agreed last week in Dubai to investigate the Super 14 to a Super 15 at a board meeting last week Wednesday.

On Sunday it was revealed that SA Rugby boss Andy Marinos felt that O’Neill had revealed too much to the media about the content of the Dubai meeting and that O’Neill had overstepped his authority.

The partners have appointed a working party to look into expanding the tournament but this does not guarantee that the Super 14 would be expanded and it does not guarantee that Australia will get the 15th team.

Upon his arrival in Sydney from Dubai O’Neill said, “The thing I’ve really got to stress because it is being lost in the telling by some journalists … that somehow or other it is an ARU decision and it’s a done deal — Melbourne,” O’Neill said.

“That’s just not true. We have been saying consistently this is a SANZAR decision. SANZAR will decide where the additional team goes.

“The only thing that has been agreed is that that team will play in the Australian conference.” he told The Australian.

“There is a reasonable presumption it should be in the vicinity. It doesn’t sort of make much sense for a team to be thousands of miles away and then playing in the Australian conference.

“People have to understand all the enthusiasm in Australia for Melbourne and maybe western Sydney, maybe the Gold Coast, Newcastle, whatever levels of enthusiasm are there is fabulous and they should channel that back through us and we’ll take it to SANZAR and SANZAR will make an informed decision.

“I read some comments from the chairman of the Victorian Rugby Union that we should stop stuffing around and just hand them the licence. Well, it just doesn’t work that way.”

SANZAR is expected to receive expressions of interest from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, the Pacific Islands and even the US for the 15th Super franchise.

It is however understood that if the decision is reached to expand the tournament the team will come from Australia or the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

“The competition is serious,” O’Neill said. “There are provinces in New Zealand that aren’t in their five (Super Rugby franchises) that want to be. Hawkes Bay, Manawatu. You can’t exclude them.

“It’s a bit hard to see an Eastern Cape team in an Australian conference.

“Maybe one of the better ways to accommodate the Eastern Cape is they (South Africa) have three teams on the high veldt at the moment. Maybe they go back to two and bring in the Spears (the new team will be known as the Southern Kings).

“Far be it for me to be giving South African rugby any advice, but that may be one way around their own dilemma.”

Very unusually for the normally pro Australia and outspoken O’Neill he said that he did not have any preference for the location of the 15th team, whether it was in Australia or elsewhere.

“I’m entirely impartial,” O’Neill said.

“I want the best thing for SANZAR. Opportunities to expand only come along every five years and you’ve got to get it right.

“We have to keep reminding ourselves, it’s not just about Australian rugby, it’s about SANZAR rugby.

“We have some great choices in Australia, but I wouldn’t exclude Japan. By the end of the year, SANZAR will make a decision on the best location for that team.”

SANZAR must present their proposal for the 5 year period following 2011 by the end of June and that Australia would have to present a compelling case to secure the 15th franchise. “We have to accept t

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