Bumbling Reds bowl over Cheetahs

This was a live score update.



This Sunday match between the Reds (14th) and the Cheetahs (13th) is the battle for the bottom of the table. 


Head to Head: Played 3: Cheetahs 2, Reds 1

Last three results
2008 Cheetahs won 14-29 in Bloemfontein
2007 Reds won 23-13 in Brisbane
2006 Cheetahs won 6-10 in Bloemfontein


Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


3.00; The Reds start determined as they run the ball to within a metre or less of the line. Peter Hynes thought he was over but short. The ball swings to the other side but it goes out. Fast stuff from the Reds first up.


6.00: The Reds give away a kickable penalty so Jacques-Louis Potgieter takes the shot and slots it.


9.00: The Reds are trying to set a really fast pace of the game.


12.00: The Reds have a shot at goal so Ben Lucas take it but misses.


17.00: The Reds are in control of the match but not the scoreboard. 73% territory for the Reds.


24.00: The cheetahs have missed 17 tackles so far which shows how much ball the Reds have had but they just can’t finish it off.


25.00: The Reds finally get some proper teamwork going and Mark McLinden runs over in the corner and then runs in to dot the ball behind the posts.


26.00: Ben Lucas kicks the converison.


35.00: Mistakes are costing the Reds points. There have been seven critical handling errors so far.


40.00: The siren sounds for half time but we still have time for a scrum. The Cheetahs win the ball and run it to the line. 1m out but it gets knocked on.


The half time score was Reds 7 Cheetahs 3


40.01: How the Reds have not scored more points is anyone’s guess. The stats are overwhelmingly ion favour of the Reds – they should be at least 25 points up. They will be looking to sort out the errors in this half which is going to be played at well over 30 degrees in temperature.


43.00: Enthuastic start from the Reds. It seems they are trying to play the game at a pace that they can’t handle themselves. The do however get a penalty so Ben Lucas takes the kick and slots it.


47.00: Digby Ioane catches the Cheetahs napping as he breaks off the back of a ruck and runs in a try. Danwel Demas showed some real pace and almost caught him.


48.00: Ben Lucas’ conversion ends up closer to the corner flag.


58.00:The Reds win a penalty from a collapsed scrum. They run the ball and kick the ball up towards the corner but Blair Connor does not get there fast enough and the ball rolls out.


63.00: The Reds score a breakaway try by Hugh McMeniman but there is confusion as the refs stops play for penalise Quade Cooper for a no arms tackle – the replay shows the call was right and the try does not stand.


67.00: The Reds enjoy yet another line break but as they get to within scoring range the handling lets them down and the try goes begging.


75.00: Peter Hynes surprises everyone as he pops through the line and runs in an easy try untouched by the Cheetahs defence who didn’t know how he got through.


76.00: Ben Lucas slots the conversion.



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