Match data – England v Italy

It was a little bit disappointing watching England this week so for a closer look at where the home team went wrong – or where the visiting Azzurri did their work most assiduously, have a butcher’s at our Twickenham match data, provided by SAS Software.

Scrums won/lost:

England: 6/0
Italy: 8/0

Line-outs won/lost:

England: 16/2
Italy: 16/2

Penalties/free-kicks conceded

England: 6/1
Italy: 11/3

Ruck and drive/ruck and pass:

England: 13/60
Italy: 13/30

Turnovers won:

England: 6
Italy: 6

Tackles made/missed:

England: 46/2
Italy: 77/7

Errors made:

England: 9
Italy: 15

Minutes in possession – first half/second half:

England: 14:40/11:44
Italy: 9:59/12:30

Minutes in opponent’s half – first half/second half:

England: 22:35/18:13
Italy: 22:14/28:29

Top tacklers:

England: Lund 7
Italy: Sole 10

Top carriers:

England: Corry 11
Italy: Parisse 8

Most errors:

England: Corry 3
Italy: De Marigny

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