Huxley ready to take a chance for comeback

Former Wallaby and Brumby Huxley says that he is prepared to accept the risks involved when he makes his rugby comeback but won’t “waste people’s time” if doctors don’t give him a green light.

Huxley says that he is so keen to start playing rugby again that he is gearing up to begin pre-season training later this month with the Brumbies even though he is still undergoing chemotherapy.

He does however say that he will first consult specialists to gauge whether the dangers involved are too great.

Huxley collapsed on the field while playing for the Brumbies in this year’s Super 14 and subsequent scans showed that he had a brain tumour.

After the tumour was discovered in March the former Wallaby underwent surgery and Huxley now says that he has recovered well from the operation and, after completing radiotherapy, is now in his second cycle of chemo.

And though he has a job lined up with the Brumbies next season as a kicking coach, Huxley’s desire to return to the playing field burns strong.

“Hopefully we will track down and corner a few specialists in the next month or so, so we can really make a decision on whether it’s safe enough to commit to it,” Huxley told the Daily Telegraph.

“If we make a decision it’s not, I don’t want to be wasting anyone’s time down here trying to train with the boys. It is either all-in or nothing.”

Having seen his world turned upside down this year, Huxley says he is prepared to swallow a percentage of risk involved with returning to full contact, and has found examples on the internet of other sportsmen resuming careers after similar head surgeries.

But Huxley says most in the medical fraternity are unwilling to look past the risk of further damage, however small.

“They’ve been reluctant to explore it with me because of worry about if something goes wrong,” he said.

“It is hard with medical professionals to pin them down, and get them to give you a realistic point of view because if there is any sort of risk they generally err on the side of caution and say: ‘Nuh, no chance. Don’t do it.’

“But with what’s happened this year, you realise that planning for 50 years down the track … you may not even get there, you could get hit by a bus.

“So if there is some small risk and that’s it, well, I think I would be pretty keen to have a crack under those odds. But I need to see a few of them face to face now that I am getting a bit more serious about it and get a realistic answer.”

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