England to play at World cup in Long Johns?

Current World Champions England may be playing in the World cup next year wearing an outfit that looks like long Johns.

Sportswear giants Nike have been secretly developing the strip which has been designed to be next to impossible for opponents to grab hold of. Nike have also recruited the Royal Marines to help test it.

Last week the Royal Marines played a match against Plymouth Albion and although the kit was worn by the Royal Marines, they still lost 48-5 to their hosts.

Despite all the secrecy, Britains Daily Mail did manage to get a few shots of the new kit which can be seen on the lower right.

Could this be England's next World cup kit?The match was given no advance publicity and only a few spectators managed to watch the match. The outfits were so secertive that they did not even bear the Nike ‘swoosh’ logo.

The Marines’ dressing room was reportedly declared a no-go area and they were under strict orders to say nothing about the strip, which was whisked away after the match.

Apparently there is a lifting-bone built into the shorts for use at line-outs.

It is not the first time Nike has tested kit with Royal Marines, who previously tried out the strip later worn by the French national team.

Commenting on the Kit Nike would only say: “As a company committed to innovation, Nike is always prepared to experiment with new ideas. Whichever kit is used by England in the future you can be sure it will be designed to help the players perform to their maximum.”

World cup web feels that the kit does look like underwear and is bound to cause a few laughs but this kind of kit is bound to be seen on the field sooner rather than later.

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