Match called off as ref threatened ‘with bullet in the hea

The West Coast Rugby Union in New Zealand met management of the Grey Valley Rugby Club last night to discuss Saturday’s aborted senior-grade game with South Westland


This comes after a club rugby game on the New Zealand West Coast was called off after a player allegedly told the referee he would put “a bullet in his head”.

After a Grey Valley player had been yellow-carded, the referee was verbally abused.

A spectator, who did not want to be identified, told The Press an unidentified Grey Valley player told the referee he “was going to put a bullet in the referee’s head”.

“The South Westland players had to actually escort the ref off the pitch,” the spectator said.

West Coast Rugby Union chief executive Mike Connors confirmed the meeting with the club had taken place.


“That’s the end of the matter,” he said, declining further comment.

However, the match referee, Steve Menzies, said the West Coast Referees’ Association had met the union and sought assurances from the Grey Valley club that referees were safe.

Menzies said no-one was charged as no-one knew which of three players made the threat.

Menzies, a member of the union board, said the union was taking the matter seriously.


“There are ways and means of dealing with things,” he said.

“And target practice is not one of them.”

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