‘We are evolving’ – Meehan

Having finally safely secured a trophy, Bath Rugby will now be under pressure to continue to perform. Although they have taken a strong step towards returning to the glory days, there are still many challenges to face on their way back up.

Much has been said about Bath’s style of play this season. Displaying some of the finest free-flowing skills in the Premiership, the coaches have been awarded praise from across the globe for their achievements.


However, for Steve Meehan, there was no grand plan in the beginning of the season for Bath to play that way.


“That is actually something that people comment on a lot,” admitted Meehan.


“But it is not as if we set out deliberately to be that style of team. What we set out to do was encourage players to get themselves into a position where that would become an option.”


And if those options were made available? “If that opportunity presented itself we wanted them to have a go at it.”


 And it would seem that the players did just that, but what, on a nitty gritty level, instigated that style? For Meehan, it was about giving the players confidence.


“We did a lot of work at training and then the players had a crack at it during the games and that meant that they became more and more confident.

“We were delighted to see it happen, but it was not as if we sat there and said, ‘this is the type of team we will be’, we are evolving into it and the guys are improving their skills and just getting better and better.”

Eyes will be set firmly on Bath in the 2008-09 season to see whether this evolution can continue and Meehan is certainly one of those who will be looking for similar performances.

“The major ambition [for next season] is to repeat the progress and finish in a similar position as we were this season.

“The most difficult thing about coming away from this season, is backing it up in the next. I think that in the past, the clubs that go on to win things are the clubs who finish in the top four – that is the logical conclusion.”

Having already met the salary cap, new signings will now only be for injury allowances which means that this will be the team that needs to meet their ambitions.


“We have to get back up to the top four and compete in there again.” If the belief and courage of last season can be repeated – there is little to hold Bath back.



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