Referees are soft on the All Blacks

The French have come out and criticised the way New Zealand are treated by referees. French assistant coach Jacques Brunel says the All Blacks “benefit from a lot of indulgence” from officials at the tackle area and at set pieces.

Brunel says the New Zealanders “try to outsmart the rules and the referees” and that they will raise the issue with officials before the two Tests.

“We have the feeling that it’s not the referee who is giving the calls ‘crouch, stop, engage’ at the scrums,” he added.

“The All Blacks impose their own rhythm. They don’t bend properly and then go straight from ‘stop’ to ‘engage’.

“Their opponents are kept waiting and when you are waiting before entering a scrum you lose all momentum.”

Brunel also highlighted their other concerns over foul play saying “They catch the legs of the jumper so it’s impossible to develop a rolling maul. They did it several times on Sunday,”

“Also, Richie McCaw is a wonderful player but to be the great scavenger he is, he has to be always on the verge of foul play.

“He gets three or four penalties per game but should get double.”

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