Rugby World Cup 2011 Promises from New Zealand

New Zealand has made a number of promises to the International Rugby boardand to the fans of Rugby and the Rugby World cup. These are as follows.


A tournament for players

  • An environment where players can perform at their very best

  • Rugby facilities that are excellent and close at hand

  • A Tournament based on traditional rugby values

A tournament for visiting fans

  • A country that will be welcoming and safe

A tournament for fans at home

  • Superb broadcasting coverage

A commercially successful tournament

  • Unique partnership between rugby and the Government

  • Tournament fee guaranteed

  • Conservative budget

  • Most commercially successful RWC ever

  • Tournament clean stadia requirements met

A showcase event

  • A Tournament that runs smoothly and seamlessly

  • A Tournament that will be media-friendly

  • Stable country and national union

A tournament for Rugby everywhere

  • We are the safe option

  • We are worthy guardians of Rugby’s jewel in the crown

  • Global rugby legacy

2. Key Tournament Details

  • 48 matches

  • 11 potential venues

  • Prime knockout matches at an expanded Eden Park

3. Our Guarantee IRB Tournament Fee

  • New Zealand has guaranteed the IRB Tournament Fee

  • Underpinned by a partnership with New Zealand Government

  • Joint funding commitment from both partners

  • Robust budget

4. Broadcasting opportunity

  • Utilises the world’s best rugby broadcasters – wealth of talent and experience

  • Superb coverage guaranteed

  • Full stadia throughout the Tournament

  • Link between teams and fans at home

  • Popularity of breakfast TV in Europe proven through RWC 2003 in Australia & 2005 Lions tour in New Zealand

5. Tournament Timing

  • Initial proposed timing – September/October

  • New Zealand offered IRB total flexibility on tournament timing

  • Lions Tour proved June/July is a perfectly acceptable time to run a Tournament in New Zealand

6. Infrastructure

  • Tourism is New Zealand’s largest earner of foreign exchange

  • New Zealand is ranked globally as a prime tourist destination

  • 7% annual growth of visitors to New Zealand

  • In the last five years accommodation availability in Auckland has increased by 6,000 beds to a total of 36,000

  • Even without RWC 2011 a further 10,000 beds are projected to become available over the next five years

  • Full spectrum of accommodation and travel options from 5 and 6 star through to budget.

  • Unparalleled visitor experiences available.

7. Clean Stadia

  • Recognise this was an issue in 2003

  • New Zea

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