RWC 2011 Vote Analysis

It is now well known that New Zealand won the right to host the2011 World Cup. What is not known ishow they did it. A rugby website is saying thatNZ won the vote over Japan 12-9.

The International Rugby Board (IRB) has not revealed how the voting went probably because the Irish delegate broke ranks and at the last minute asked that who voted for who remained secret. All who were present agreed.

Rugby webiste has used a process of elimination to arrive at its 12-9 estimate, based on statements made in the media by IRB delegates from each nation.

New Zealand secured South Africa’s two votes once it was eliminated from the race in the first ballot at the IRB council meeting in Dublin, Ireland, the website said.

New Zealand already had two votes each from Wales, Ireland and Scotland at the first ballot, and one from Oceania, in the first ballot.

Argentina and Africa followed South Africa in switching to New Zealand after the first ballot, it said.

The 12th vote could have come from either Italy, France or wider Europe, said. None of those unions have officially declared who they backed.

Japan received two votes each from England and Australia, and one each from Asia and Canada, with the other three coming from the potential four held by Italy, France and wider Europe.

Bidding countries were not allowed to vote in the first ballot. Six countries – England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Australia – each had two first-ballot votes.

Canada, Italy and Argentina each had one vote, while minor nations were represented by single votes held by the confederations of Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

After originally deciding to confirm how delegates voted, the IRB reneged and kept the voting process confidential.

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