World cup vote needs rethink : Leicester chief

Leicester’s chief executive Peter Wheeler says the IRB must make the vote to decide who wil host the 2015 World Cup a lot more more transparent.

On the 17th of November last year, South Africa and Japan were favourites to win the right to host the 2011 Rugby World cup but after two bouts of secret voting New Zealand, who were widely thought to have the weakest bid, won the right to host the cup.

“The problem with the vote not being open is that nobody knows whether it was above board or not,” Wheelerthe BBC. “They’ve left themselves open to suspicion that deals have been done.”

New Zealand won the vote 10 votes to 11 and the IRB received a letter from legal firm Addleshaw Goddard acting on behalf of the Asian Rugby Football Union requesting a revote as Ireland had been promised matches with the All Blacks in return for votes.

A few days after this the Argentinean Rugby Football Union revealed how phone calls were made in between votes and discussions of matches were made.

“They must review the process,” added Wheeler. “Because I don’t think in four years time they will get anybody to go through a bidding process if they’re not sure they’re going to be treated fairly and honestly.”

The NZRFU has denied all allegations of offering matches for votes but this year they will break SH tradition by playing Argentina in an away match in June.

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