IRB meet next month to decide on 2011 WC timing

Next month the IRB members will get together to discuss the timing of the 2011 Rugby World cup.

When NZ won the bid to host the tournament they proposed September 24 to November 5 but the International Rugby Board’s council will have the final say with the timing of when it is held.

In their bid NZ made it clear that they were flexible on when the tournament could be held.

The IRB will meet next month for the first time since making its shock decision to award New Zealand the hosting rights.

A June – July tournament allows the Northern hemisphere to hold their extremely profitable “Autumn Internationals” where the SH giants visit the NH. These tests generate millions of pounds.

A June – July tournament would be cold and wet and wont be as popular as an early summer tournament with tourists. The Summer tournament would also bring better playing conditions for flowing rugby.

Unfortunately a final decision on when the tournament is held might not be made next month as a final decision could be deferred until November.

A decision next month would permit NZ to plan better as they have to rebuild and refurbish most of their stadiums so they really have their hands full.

NZ has also submitted a joint bid with Australia to host the Cricket World cup in 2011.

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