Argentina throws more dirt on NZ’s Rugby World cup host wi

Rugbyenews is reporting that Argentine players’ union spokesman Mario Ledesma is accusing the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) of reneging on a commitment to include the Pumas in a regular Southern Hemisphere competition.

Minutes released by the Argentina Rugby Union concerning discussions during September’s bidding process for the 2011 World Cup detail that Argentina supported New Zealand’s bid. The minutes also reveal that Argentina’s vote was decided after a private phone conversation between UAR’s president Alejandro Risler and NZRU president Jock Hobbs.

Ledesma is claiming the NZRU sold the Pumas short when a follow up meeting produced only one test commitment for June 24 in Buenos Aires.

“We were hoping they would look at extending the Tri Nations to include Argentina. If not, then add an Argentine team to the Super 14. But they haven’t done anything,” says Ledesma. But NZRU chief executive Chris Moller poured cold water on the Argentine accusation, saying that: “no such promise or undertaking was given or even discussed, the allegation is completely false.”

New Zealand shocked the rugby world last year when they won the right to host the 2011 Rugby World cup. They had been listed by bookies at 14 to 1 going into the vote.

During the vote the IRB reversed a decision to make it publicly known who voted for who.

After the vote Japan who also bid to host the tournament were said to be considering legal action against New Zealand. Japan accused New Zealand of trading matches for votes which is not ethical. At the time there was also rimours that Ireland had traded matches for votes.

Both Ireland and Argentina play New Zealand’s All Blacks this month.

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