Gatland in no hurry to land Lions job

Warren Gatland has adopted a “wait-and-see” approach about any possible involvement with the British Lions that will go on tour to South Africa in 2009.

Gatland, a former All Black hooker says that he is yet to be formally offered any involvement with the British Lions and that it was not something he was seeking either,

He also says that his sole rugby priority now was to continue Wales’ rise up the international ranks.

Gatland will take Wales on tour to South Africa in June and with South Africa being the number one ranked team in the world a couple of wins would certainly help Wales move up the official rankings.

While the attention directed his way was flattering, Gatland said it was imperative he didn’t agree to anything which could divert his focus away from the Welsh national team.

“I have been asked about that (an involvement with the Lions),” Gatland told Yahoo!Xtra.

“It is a bit of wait-and-see.

“If I was involved with the Lions, great. If I wasn’t, then that wouldn’t be an issue for me either.

I am not fussed about it either way. It is not as if I am going to put my hand up saying, ‘Pick me for the Lions, I really want to go’.

“It is nice if you are considered. And if you are not, that is fine as well. I have a job to do with the Welsh team.”

Gatland is thought to be the favourite in the UK to land the Lions job with World Cup-winning ex-Springbok coach Jake White also a contender.

Gatland, who has returned to New Zealand for a three week holiday, said he would only commit to the Lions if he was sure it wouldn’t see him “take your eye off the ball” with Wales.

“But as I have said all along, my priority is the Welsh job,” he said.

“It is nice to be associated with it (the Lions), but there are a number of issues to consider before accepting a role if one was offered.”

When asked if any specific role had been discussed, Gatland said: “No I haven’t, despite what would have been reported in the media.”


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