Huxley realises his playing days are over

Brumbies fullback Julian Huxley faces surgery to have a brain tumour removed but he is battling with the realisation that his playing days are probably over.

Huxley admits his situation really hit home on Friday night before the Brumbies-Hurricanes clash.

“The last couple of weeks have all been pretty busy and hectic trying to confront the news,” Huxley said in the Sunday Telegraph.

“But I hadn’t really thought much about not playing rugby again.

“When I got home to Canberra and it all sort of sunk in.

“At this time, I’d usually be leaving for the ground about now and stuff like that. That has been the low point of the last couple of weeks.”

Huxley was taken to hospital after he was knocked out playing for the Brumbies against the Reds on March the 1st. He was initially given the all clear but a follow up MRI scan showed a tumour on top of his brain.

Huxley will go under the knife in the next five or six weeks and throughout the saga he has displayed amazing bravery and somehow managed to maintain a positive attitude.

“The last two weeks have been easier than you might expect,” Huxley said.

“When I first heard the news it was a bit confronting, but there is not much choice in the matter. You just cop it.

“You investigate it from there and get on with it. There is no point getting too upset about it.”

Huxley added that the three specialists he consulted had inspired massive amounts of confidence.

“In rugby, you are called upon all the time to put your faith in your team-mates and they are going to do their job and you are going to do yours,” he said.

“I think I’ve had pretty good experience with my background in rugby to be able to do that.”

“The doctors are pretty sharp these days. It’s not too hard to leave it to the guys who actually know something about it.”

“I’ve just go to turn up really.”

The specialists believe Huxley’s tumour is benign which is a huge positive but that can only be confirmed once a biopsy is completed.

“They are wary of giving you too rosy a picture, but they are pretty confident of getting it out ‘without hurting me’ is the term they use,” Huxley said.

“That date (for the surgery) will come along hopefully sooner rather than later and I can get on the road to recovery and back to normal hopefully.”

Huxley has been touched by the outpouring of support since his tumour was discovered,

“It’s been incredible actually, that amount of thoughts and prayers out there,” he said.

“There is a bit of uncertainty about my future now, but I feel I have a fairly big team in my corner and it is really reassuring.

“I’m sure I will be leaning on a few people in the next few months and it’s comforting to know there are so many nice people out there offering their support.”

Huxley has also deliberately maintained a low profile and not sought out sympathy as many others might have done.

When he went to the Brumbies game on Friday night at Canberra Stadium, he didn’t even venture into the dressing room to see his team-mates.

“I didn’t want to distract the boys, not that I guess it would,” he said.

“I went down to the bench just after halftime to say g’day to a couple of the boys who were also injured.

“Now that I’m back in Canberra I’ll see a few of the boys and catch up for a coffee at a more convenient time.”

Huxley said he has always adopted a positive outlook as he looks towards the future,”I’ve probably hung around in rugby for that reason.

“Making your debut for the Wallabies as a 28-year-old you’ve got to be pretty positive,” he said.   


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