Gerrard not happy with Brumbies

The value of a win at home was not lost on Brumbies fullback Mark Gerrard after his team lost to the Hurricanes on Friday and he was left lamenting an uncharacteristically flat performance.

Gerrard was baffled by his team’s display at Canberra stadium where the Brumbies were uninspiring for the first 50 minutes and only patchy from there on.

“Where didn’t we go wrong? In certain parts of that game we probably shouldn’t have lost the ball,” Gerrard told Sportal.

“They were very hard in the break down and we knew that, we just didn’t aim up there.”

Gerrard was understandably upset and could not hide his frustration after the match.

“We are very frustrated, in probably the last two weeks, tonight was very disappointing,” he said.

“Even though it’s a young side here we want to come here to play football and win games. It’s our home ground, this shouldn’t happen.”

“We should turn up to play rugby, unfortunately we didn’t do that in critical parts of the game.”

In the Super 14 it is crucial to win your home matches and away from home you win or pick up bonus points.

The Brumbies have now lost two matches on the trot and will need to pick up a win against the Cheetahs next week or else their season could be well off track.

“I know it’s probably easier said than done but we just have to lift our spirits, it can’t be like a morgue out there like it was tonight,” Gerrard said.

“It’s not like us and it shouldn’t happen.”

“We have to go back to the drawing board, analyse our game thoroughly, pick out all our wrongs, and let’s be real hard on ourselves this week and push on to next Friday.”

“Obviously we’ll look at the breakdown a fair bit overall, not just forwards but backs as well.”

“Certain parts of the game, in counter attack where we had great opportunities but it got to the point where it was too slow to attack from.”

After the Cheetahs the Brumbies have the Bye.

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