Flavell to leave NZ for Japan

Troy Flavell will leave New Zealand again at the end of this season and take up a contract in Japan. The current Blues captain’s contract with the NZRU expires at the end of the season.

A source at the Japanese Rugby Union has told Sunday News that Flavell will be returning to Japan.

“It has been agreed for Troy to return to Japan,” the source said.

“He played very well for Toyota when he was there before and I’m sure he will be just as good this time in Japan.”

Another source in New Zealand has also confirmed Flavell’s departure to Sunday news.

“Troy hasn’t got anything left to prove in New Zealand and at the age of 31 he’s not getting any younger.”

Flavell missed out on the world cup and at 31 he is not going to make the 2011 Rugby world cup so after the way that he was shunned by the All Blacks there is little for him to stay in NZ.

The Sunday news also revealed that once Flavell was left out of the world cup squad he told his manager at the time Rob Brady, to “get me out of here quick”.

Brady however instructed Flavell to remain in New Zealand until at least the end of the 2008 Super 14 to avoid being snapped up on the cheap around the World Cup when it was very much a buyer’s market.




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