Brumbies rule out Larkham return

With the Brumbies sustaining hit after injury hit speculation has been raised as to whether Stephen Larkham could come in for the Brumbies and bail them out of their injury woes after he had been seen sitting on the sidelines at Canberra stadium

Larkham has signed a three-year contract with Tokyo club Ricoh Black Rams.

Brumbies coach Fisher has however ruled out using Larkham and said the player hadn’t done anything since surgery on the knee he injured during the Rugby World Cup.

“He’s been doing a little bit of rehab – I don’t think that is a possibility,” Fisher told FoxSports.

Fisher also added that a major problem in playing Larkham is that he is contracted to another team, “Don’t forget the club is paying an inordinate amount of money for him to take the risk of getting injured and getting no value,” Fisher said.

“Certainly, if I was his new employer I’d be saying no.”

Fisher’s injury troubles appear to be at all time worst and he has few players left who can play at certain positions in the backline.

“It is certainly a lot of injuries in one place and it is a challenge,” Fisher said.

“We are only carrying 31 contracted players so it doesn’t leave a lot of choice in selection – I can’t recall it ever being too much worse.

“We’ll look at our contract guys and see what one or two of our academy guys can bring to the table.”   


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