Henjak back to face the music

Matt Henjak has returned to Perth from South Africa to attend in person the Serious Misconduct Tribunal Hearing to be held at 4pm on Tuesday 19 February 2008.

The lawyer representing Matt Henjak had requested that the Tribunal Hearing be further adjourned until the team returns from South Africa to allow Henjak to attend the hearing in person and not by way of video or telephone link up.

The Chairman of the Tribunal would not agree to the request, and, as a consequence of this, the RugbyWA Board resolved that Henjak return to Perth immediately so that he may attend the Tribunal Hearing in person.

RugbyWA also strongly refuted media reports today that suggest that the recruitment of another half back by the team is related to the case regarding Matt Henjak & Haig Sare.

Adam Clarke, a back up half back to Henjak, sustained a season ending neck injury in early January, and a process to secure a replacement was commenced some time ago. The ARU has been assisting in this process.



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