Nucifora heads for SA a happy man

David Nucifora says player management will be paramount as the Blues coach eyes a likely increase in the intensity of the Super 14 created by the Experimental Law Variations (ELVs).

The Blues won convincingly against the Chiefs and the new rules (ELVs) in that match in particular showed that how the pace of the game will be increased.

Nucifora said that the game was a good spectacle for the 23000 strong crowd but with the increased pace of the game came caoncern for player well being and that he will have to manage his players well-being.

“I think we just look at it game by game to be honest,” Nucifora told Foxsports.

“Different games we will approach in different ways in how we manage our resources.

“I don’t think every game and every opponent will have the firepower that they (the Chiefs) do, to be able to play the game at the pace they play it at,” he added.

Nucifora gave credit to his players but the Blues’ back-room staff also deserved praise.

“I want to give a fair bit of credit to our conditioning staff,” he said.

“It showed out there that they have done an outstanding job.

I kept wanting to get some of these boys off the paddock from about 50-60 minutes and they kept going,” he said.

“To have that ammunition to be able to do that, it was a real positive for us.

“To be able to finish the last 10 to 15 minutes with fresh bodies, when we needed to tighten the game up, was a real bonus for us,” the visibly pleased coach said.

“The game is still basically the same. You have to have strong set-piece, you have to be organised with your defence and you can’t go away from those things.” said Nucifora of his side’s first competition match under the ELV trial

“We put a lot a lot of work into those areas. But at the same time we had to realise that the game would be quick and it will open up at times,” he said.

The Blues now travel to South Africa where they will play matches against the Lions, Cheetahs and Sharks and Nucifora says that the way the Blues won will ensure that the Blues are in high spirits especially since the win came against the Chiefs.

“We are pretty rapt with the result.

“That game means a lot to us, not only because it is the first game of the season, but beating the Chiefs means a lot to this team,” Nucifora said.

“The nature of the victory, how well the team played, means a lot to us.

“We were very happy with our performance, especially with the second half. It gives us a really good foundation to build on going forward.”

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